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To Wand or not to Wand

Curling Wands are the absolute in thing..but are they as easy to use and as effective as other curling methods? There are just so many ways to curl your hair these days! From the iconic straighteners slash stylers like ghd and Cloud Nine to the old school hot rollers and hot tongs! But which method is best? Which way will make the curls last longer? Which way is the fastest? And what is the least damaging option for my hair???

Well.. in my eyes its simple, the most technologically advanced styling tools created to curl hair and get the best results with the least amount of damage and increased lasting power are the sure winners.  The Wands!!!! 

Yes there are so many ways to curl and each is moderately effective in it's right (just like how someone could row a boat to an Island, or ride a speedboat across) all methods will get you there in the end, but some far better than others!

Lets focus on my top picks: the ghd wands, the Cloud Nine wands and the MUK wand. Three different price brackets (approx $100, $200ish, $300ish) and three relatively different methods that achieve close results! I'll start with the MUK Curl Stick (currently on sale for an amazing $129.95)  The MUK Curl Stick comes standard with four different sized barrels (a conicle-smaller to larger) a wedge barrel, one oval barrel and one straight barrel so you can achieve a number of different looks by just purchasing one wand.  The results are great and although it may not be the least damaging of the three, i think it creates a great long lasting curl..and let's not forget the incredible price. My opinion is that this is a great entry level wand, fabulous to practice on or for people who aren't curling often. 

Next up are the ghd Wands.. there are four in the series (essentially only two end results, waves or curls) just four ways to get there. The easiest way to break down the ghd Wands are to categorize them into two, 2 x Curlers-one with a tong and one conicle without and 2 x wavers-one with a tong and one without. So first chose if you like the tong attachment, then decide if you want to wave your hair or curl it! Either way you won't go wrong. The ghd Wands are easy to use and hold the curl or wave well due to the ultra zone technology (which means the sensors  all over the wand work hard to keep it at a consistently healthy temp of 185 degrees to make sure styling is created fast and stays longest) My favourite of the four is definitely the Curve Creative Curl Wand.. it looks like (well ummm) a weapon of some sort but i find I can create both curls and waves using the different parts of the wand. All four wands are in a higher price bracket of RRP $245 but the 2 year warranty and the way it protects the hair from damage are well worth the jump! 

And now ghd have released their newest addition to the Curling family, the much anticipated Oracle, but has it been worth the wait? The verdict is still out on this one..although in theory the new wand seems so easy and efficient, in practice it is proving to be a little trickier to get the hang of! (Please see attached video for a quick run down, and giggle, ) I think that once its learnt, and practiced, that this could definitely be the winner, but for now we will keep it on the back burner.

Lastly lets talk about the Cloud Nine Wand.. this is absolutely ideal for the serious daily or weekly curlers out there. It comes in two sizes (you would chose depending on the length of your hair)  and for me is the stand out winner!!! It is the Chanel of Curling Wands! Made from the highest quality materials (same Korean Rock Mineral as the Stylers) and for me is the least damaging, most smoothing and creates the longest lasting curls or waves out of the three. The conicle barrel is at least a third longer than the ghd so i feel i can create many more looks and vary my curls more than the other two wands. This wand is ideal for anyone who is already great at curls (I mean not that a beginner wouldn't benefit from starting here). It is so easy to use and creates the most dreamy waves and curls that can last for days.

All in all you won't go wrong with any of the options (and of course there are so many more) but just remember, using professional styling tools is essential if you want great hair! No point in spending money on a wand that will damage your hair more than necessary (oh and don't forget your thermal protection.. YES YOU NEED IT!)

Happy curling 



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